It’s not just a sport. It’s a lifestyle!

Theme #1


It’s not just a sport. It’s a lifestyle!

Theme #1


S.E.C. puts every endeavor to advance heat transfers in suiting the sportswear designs, not only for decoration, but also for better functions. Athletics’ performance is our main concern in heat transfer products which are applied on sportswears so we have adapted to lots of new techniques to keep improving the functions in heat transfers.


What does football mean to you?

With over 40 years of experience in sportswear and football industry working in cooperation with famous sports brands. To bring heat transfer products in graphic design print, digital print, 3 dimensions trim products that perfect match with jersey and football wears.

S.E.C. Accessories Limited launch a football-iD website to keep update and invent heat transfer products for football wears. Please follow our football-iD

To more enquire or follow the trend of heat transfer products for jersey, please contact our S.E.C. customer team.

Complementary products


Anything is possible!
Impossible just can be possible very soon!

Basketball is usually made of netted jersey. S.E.C. has also invented new heat transfer to fit on the basketball suits and pass the washing test. Meshes on the jersey are the main feature to deal with as it may affect the appearance and also washing performance of heat transfers. And S.E.C. can help in this!


Safety is Main Focus!

More and more concerns addressed to the sports safety come out nowadays. S.E.C. is alerted to this issue and adds new techniques and designs on the heat transfers to function as protection while accidents in running and training. Besides, hi-tech heat transfers in S.E.C. can help check the health condition of the athletics to keep the players safe from too strenuous exercise.

Heat and Cool

It's a Heat and Cool Adventure!

While running and training, athletics’ body temperature should be maintained in high control and monitoring. S.E.C. helps developing this monitoring system by heat transfer technology so athletics can get instant body temperature information and also have some immediate cooling effect while increasing the temperature.

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S.E.C. not just produces heat transfers of good qualities at fast pace but also provides professional technical supports on application of heat transfers. There is a technical support team for testing and also answering heat transfer application’s enquiries. Besides, on-site supports can be provided to the garment factories too.

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